Condensation Control

Condensation isn't only a nuisance, if ignored it can cause major problems to the occupants, the furniture, the decoration and the very structure of a building.



How does condensation occur?

  1. Cold air enters your home or place of work
  2. This cold air is then warmed by the buildings occupants
  3. The warm air then absorbs excessive amounts of moisture
  4. This warm, moist air hits cold surfaces, walls, windows and is cooled below its dew point
  5. The excess moisture is released, and condensation occurs
How does condensation occur?

What is condensation?

Air in buildings can have a high level of humidity due to the activity of the occupants drying clothes and breathing. When this water filled air is released and comes into contact with cold surfaces like windows it can condense causing water to be left deposited in that area

What is condensation?

What will happen if left untreated?

Condensation on windows typically brings out rapid decay to the lower areas of window casings, walls and even ceilings.

If this is not treated mould can occur which can then cause damage to plaster and be harmful to your health. Moulds produce allergens, irritants and, sometimes, toxic substances. Inhaling or touching mould spores may cause an allergic reaction, such as a runny nose sneezing, red eyes and skin rash. Moulds care also one of the main causes of asthma attacks.

What will happen if left untreated?

How can a PIV unit help?

A Positive Input Ventilation Unit (PIV) System can create a clean and healthy living environment within your home or place of business. The system continually supplies fresh filtered air into your property thus reducing the the risk of condensation.

PIV UnitPIV UnitPIV UnitPIV Unit
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How can Dampcure help?

  • Condensation diagnosis
  • Comprehensive black spot mould treatments
  • Installation of pacifier vents
  • Extractor fans installation for ongoing care
  • Installation of (PIV) Positive Input Ventilation units for total condensation control
  • Redecoration using specialist anti mould paints
  • We prevent further damage to both commercial and domestic properties with our innovative techniques
How can Dampcure help?

How we work


Contact us and we will take a brief phone assessment and arrange a visit


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We will provide you a professional diagnosis and quotation to remedy the affected areas


We will professionally treat the problem and provide a Damp Cure 10 year guarantee for the work


All timber and damp work is insured up to £5 million and insurance backed guaranteed for 10 years