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Dry rot

Dry rot is the most aggressive type of decay in timber. It produces a white fungal growth that digests the cellulose component of the timber turning it brown and fatally weakening it. Dry rot grows rapidly and without the appropriate timber treatments is extremely difficult to control. In extreme cases it can eventually compromise the structure of the building causing catastrophic results.

Wet rot

Wet rot is a fungi that attacks timber in order to gain its nutrients for it to grow. In many cases destroying the cellulose of the wood in the process. This results in a weakening of the timber which severely reduces the structural integrity of the building. Wood rot can affect all types of buildings regardless of the property’s age. Wet rots in buildings thrive in moist, damp environments and can severely damage a buildings timber.

Beetle infestation & wood destroying fungi

In the case of a beetle infestation, the larvae will burrow beneath the surface of the timber and eat their way through the wood. They will eventually bore their way to the surface leaving holes in the timber.
A wood destroying fungi is any species of fungus that digests moist wood causing it to rot or decay.

How can Dampcure help?

We will conduct a beetle infestation, wet rot and dry rot survey of your property. Identifying wet rot or an infestation early can often save the integrity of the timber negating the need for an expensive replacement. We firstly eliminate the source of moisture. Then fix the problem using one of our range of powerful chemical timber treatments to ensure that the issue is corrected and reducing the likelihood of further problems. Our team of timber treating experts are here to help you. Call us today.