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What is structural waterproofing?

Basement structural waterproofing often referred to as ‘drained protection’ is achieved by incorporating a drained cavity within the structure of the basement. The wall of any basement must provide enough resistance to water or damp to ensure the cavity only accepts a controlled amount. The use of a cavity drain membrane prevents pressure from building up against the internal construction. The air gap allows the structure to breathe and to dry out. This drained cavity prevents the build-up of water or damp and therefore maintains the structural integrity of both the basement and building it is supporting.

Structural waterproofing basement installations

We can work with both contractors or home builders to provide our structural waterproofing installation service to help in the construction of your new-build properties basement. The addition of a structurally waterproofed basement can help to ensure that your property is not susceptible to excessive amounts of water caused by flooding or damp. We are a Triton approved contractor and specialise in the installation of structural waterproofing systems in to new build properties across Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire.

Structural waterproofing basement conversions

Many older properties were built with basements. These basements can provide much needed additional space to the property owner for storage or even as an additional living space. ​​​The key factors to consider when waterproofing a basement conversion is to choose the right level of waterproofing to suite the intended purpose of the conversion. At Damp Cure Ltd we provide a free consultation process to assess your basement and advise upon the level of structural waterproofing your basement will require. Upon being assessed by our Triton approved team we will provide you a free no obligation quote for the conversion of your basement.

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Triton Approved Contractor

“Damp Cure Ltd are a Triton Approved Contractor. In order to achieve this accolade Damp Cure Ltd, have to maintain the standards set-out by the Triton Approved Contractor scheme and ensure that all work undertaken meets our high standards for quality and professionalism. Damp Cure Ltd have not only adhered to these standards but surpassed them with the level of quality they deliver and the understanding they demonstrate when undertaking this work. I would highly recommend them to anyone requiring their services.”

Graham Hughes CSRT CSSW

Regional Manager Triton Systems